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"I have used Equi-N-icE constantly on horses who have previously suffered leg problems and found it
invaluable to keeping them right" - Allan Smith, International Trainer

"Equi-N-ice is invaluable for both of us. It's the quickest thing to take down swelling and bruising from
the knocks and bangs we get every day!" - Dan from the devils Horseman Stunt Team

"Equi-N-icE takes out the effects of concussion, which you can't avoid, eases the joints and removes
the heat if the horses have a knock, which is almost inevitable." - Ed Dunlop

"We used the Equi-N-icE bandages at every 'Vet Gate', they really helped stablise the legs. It was our
first time in Dubai and we used the cool bandages for travelling by air. They prevented swelling in the
legs as so often associated with human travel and the rug helped to relax the horse."
Janice Cockley-Admans, Endurance Rider

" I purchased a starter pack from a trade stall at a show recently with a view to test Equi-n-Ice on my big warmblood. He has damaged a ligament in his near foreleg and I thought it was worth a try as he doesn't particularly like ice and bandages applied and won't stand still for long. As the cooling doesn't affect the skin immediately it allowed me to roll the bandage on with ease. The velcro ends are useful for a quick tie up. After 20 minutes I unrolled the bandage again and places it back into the bag it came in with a small squirt of Equi-n-Ice to top it up. I have used it twice since the first application and I have really noticed how effective it has been. It certainly stays cool for longer afterwards than hosing the affected area or applying ice packs. I would certainly recommend it to anyone as my experience has been a very positive one." - Mark Reid (February 2013)

'My horses and I are totally in love with the Equi - N - Ice products!
The Equi - N - Ice rug is perfect for use not only on hot summer days but also at all times of the year after strenuous exercise to quickly cool the body temperature of the horse. The result is amazing, you can feel the heat being drawn out and the horse quickly cooling.
The Equi - N- Ice bandages have changed my life - we no longer have to do mercy dashes to the ice supplier when we need to cool a horse's leg. Instead we straight away apply the bandage to get the same result. No need for Ice, the bandages are ready to cool 24/7. I would highly recommend the Equi - N - Ice rugs and bandages as must have items in every rider's tackroom'
Fiona McNaught - Grand Prix dressage competitor and Director of Boneo Park Equestrian Centre

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